Best Movies for Expecting Mothers to Watch

Although being pregnant is a natural way of life, it is still a miracle to have a baby growing inside of you! Of course, every pregnant woman wants to know what they are in for, which is where Hollywood can come in pretty handy. Movies can help give you a good idea of everything from, what it’s like to have hemorrhoids to being crabby and emotional during pregnancy. The following are 10 best movies to watch that will help you to know what to expect when you are expecting…

1.Baby Mama(2008)

Tina Fey plays Kate, a woman with a good career who finds out that she can’t conceive due to her t-shaped uterus. So she pays Angie (Amy Poehler) to be her surrogate. Angie has a very outgoing yet relaxed set of morals not to mention she is broke, which is why she jumps at the opportunity but things get hectic when Angie finds that the baby she is carrying is not Kate’s but from her deadbeat boyfriend

2.What to Expect When You’re Expecting(2012)

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz star in this wacky drama where there’s a competition between a father and son’s pregnant wives, rivals try to work out their differences before their baby comes, a famous couple tries to balance fame and parenting, and an author deals with her pregnancy hormones taking over.

3.Baby Boom(1987)

J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton), is a successful executive who inherits a baby when a distant relative passes away. Although she tries to juggle parenting and a career in the big city of New York, she decides to move to the country where she thinks things will be better.

4.For Keeps(1988)

Molly Ringwald plays Darcy, a teenager who gets pregnant from her boyfriend Stan (Randall Batinkoff), who is also a teen. The two decide to have the baby and raise it themselves but find it’s not as easy as they thought.

5.She’s Having a Baby(1988)

Jake Briggs (Kevin Costner), finds out the hard way that having a baby is harder than getting married, finding a job, and buying a house all put together, after his wife Kristy (Elizabeth McGovern), gets pregnant.

6.Nine Months(1995)

Hugh Grant plays Samuel, a child therapist who’s not very fond of kids so when his wife Rebecca (Julianne Moore), gets pregnant he finds it hard to usher into this new phase of life, but with a little help from Dr. Kosevich (Robin Williams), and friends Marty and Gail Dwyer (Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack), he lightens up.

7.Maybe Baby(2000)

Sam (Hugh Laurie) and Lucy (Joely Richardson), go to great lengths to have a baby- sperm counts, ovulation charts, and fertility rituals.

8.Knocked Up(2007)

Never did Alison (Katherine Heigl) and Ben (Seth Rogen), think that a one night stand would lead to an unplanned pregnancy, but when it does, they decide to keep it and Alison goes through it all, morning sickness, hormone changes, and more while Ben tries to figure out if he is even ready for fatherhood.


When a waitress in a small town, Jenna (Kerri Russell), finds out that she’s pregnant from her deadbeat husband, (Jeremy Sisto), she plans to escape, but things don’t go as planned and she soon finds herself falling for her gynecologist.

10.Away We Go(2009)

A month before the baby is due, Burt’s (John Krasinki), parents announce they are moving to Belgium, so Burt and his pregnant girlfriend Verona (Maya Rudolph), go across the country in search of a place that would be perfect for raising their child, but they soon discover there’s no place like home.

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