McDonalds Facts: True or False?

The popular fast food franchise McDonald’s is not only one of the most successful but has seen to be known as long standing. Found usually quite easily, this business would of course insight rumors just as quickly. The golden arches seem to hide a few truths some think, but here are the real facts that you always debated.

The Reasons

Though many believe that Ray Kroc was the beginner of the McDonald’s organization, he did not actually develop the original idea for it. He did assist in its growth and overall success, coming into the dealings only after brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a starter barbeque restaurant, but soon become known for their fast burgers. They ran with the idea to have good food quickly and changed their name. In just over a decade they had multiple franchises, and Kroc saw the potential. Kroc imitated them, opening one for himself and then deciding in 1961 he wanted to purchase the outright McDonald’s rights. Millions were made, from an operation that was never meant to get off the ground much less flourish. Now it is a billion-dollar empire.

Though the Des Plaines is known for being the first location, that is actually not true. Now a museum, the worst part is the building is not even real; it is a replica. Ray Kroc clearly told the lie as to gain popularity for himself. While it may have been his first opportunity into the company, it was certainly not the first McDonald’s. San Bernardino gets the true honor of being the first McDonald’s.

McDonalds has had their fair share of bad publicity. Lawsuits about hot coffee, where a woman spilled some on herself while driving and therefore sued and won a million dollars, have come to the publics attention. This is however an untrue telling of the event. In reality, Libeck was only a passenger in the unmoving car and not recklessly attempting to drive and open the cup. As she received third degree burns in her lap and lower regions, she had to have grafts and treatments to get back to normal. As she originally only requested a smaller amount, which McDonald’s still gawked at, she more than rightfully got payment for her anguish.

Most believe the French fries that sell in the millions of pounds daily are made from just a single thing. However, they do include more than potatoes. Nineteen things are in the mix, including things such as vegetable oil, dextrose for color, sodium, and salt of course.

One touchy subject are McDonald’s workers wages. They have been talked down about from some who said they did not pay adequately enough, which prompted a strike for minimum wage to be raised. Nevertheless, the cause of the overall low pay was due to number of hours worked and if the person was full time versus part time.

Ammonia treated beef is another falsehood that plagues the business. The meats they served were lean yes, but that is no longer the case. No chemicals are used while it is shaped and frozen. It is one-hundred percent beef and contains no preservatives.

The pink-slime myth is one of the less appealing ones to acknowledge. Similar to a strawberry ice-cream in look, some believed it was chicken nuggets main component. It has been debunked by the company and continues to be denied until proven otherwise.

That McDonald’s uses filler in their food continues the mythical line of thinking, and some of stated horse meat or worms were used. The more believable people of the community bought the lies. It is hard to accept as true when every other indication is that the meat used is all natural.

The famous Big-Mac has a special sauce topping that is rumored to be a secret. Watch out for the next burger competing you host, because the things to make the sauce are up on their website. Make it exactly as they do with their step-by-step instructions.

That their food does not rot is a cause for some’s concern. Any food preserved without moisture will just dry and not do so however, so that myth is not a very thought out one. Believe science, not hearsay.

After having molten poured on the food, it turns indigestible. Do not listen to the people saying this is only relevant to McDonalds. All food will do this, and it is not because it is poor quality.

Rumored to have supported certain factions of religion during the holidays, some thought their cups were offensive. It was thought to be deliberate on their part. It was just a tweaked version however, so do not fret.