10 Best Breast Pumps For Breastfeeding Moms

Motherhood is one of the best moments in any woman’s life. Whether you are a new mother or not, each baby is unique, and you need to make the best decision concerning your baby. The choice of a breast pump is one of the most important decisions that you will make and which will determine how well you achieve your breastfeeding goals. The breasts of a nursing mother are usually tender, and you will need to use the best breast pump to ensure that you don’t injure your breasts.

A breast pump is a device which is powered by hand, foot movement, or electricity and is used by nursing mothers to extract milk from their breasts by suction. The breast shields of the breast pump are placed over the woman’s nipple to create suction which creates a vacuum seal over the nipple to imitate a sucking baby. The vacuum suction that it creates imitates a nursing child. The breast pump mimics the suction and release of a baby to cause milk let-down.

A mother may opt to use a breast pump to get the healthy breast milk for their child when they are not available to breastfeed. This can be due to busy work schedules hospitalization and the like. A breast pump can be used to feed a premature baby who cannot latch on the breast. It is also used to relieve the pressure and pain of engorged breasts.

Deciding on which breast pump to buy may be challenging, especially with the numerous brands available today. Breast pumps have become a necessity, and this has led to the development of many brands which have saturated the market. This has made it increasingly hard to choose the best breast pump for your needs. According whatbabyneedslist.com, it is for this reason that we have invested time and effort to provide you with an unbiased list of the ten best breast pumps to consider. This in-depth review will help you settle for the best breast pump, which will deliver results and help you take care of your baby while protecting your breasts from injury.

Top 10 Best Breast Pumps

1. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

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Designed for utmost comfort, Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump comes with soft textured massage cushion for gentle milk stimulation. It has a unique design which helps you to sit in a comfortable position without leaning forward.

It has a compact design which is lightweight and which makes it easy to hold as well as to position on your breast. It is easy to store and to transport, which means you can discreetly use it on the go. To make it easier to use, this breast pump comes with storage bottles and cups, pre-sterilized storage bags and a 2-in-1 Thermo pad. This breast pump is compatible with other feeding products like bottles and milk storage containers. With a retail price of about $23, the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump comes with a 2-year warranty.


•    It is BPA-free
•    It comes with soft-textured massage cushion for milk flow stimulation
•    No leaning forward hence a comfortable position
•    Gentle milk stimulation
•    Fully compatible with other breastfeeding products
•    Latex-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free
•    Unisex


•    It is loud and squeaky
•    The bottle unscrews during pumping
•    It has one nipple size

2. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

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Designed for mums who mainly breastfeed and are occasionally away from their babies, Medela Harmony pump has a 2-Phase Expression Technology to help you produce more milk in less time. The Maximum Comfort Vacuum helps you get more milk in the expression phase.

It comes with an ergonomic swivel handle which has a soft touch for comfort. Medela Harmony Breast Pump is fitted with a 24 mm PersonalFit breast shield for comfortable and efficient pumping. It is accompanied by a bottle stand to help prevent spills. It is BPA-free for the safety of the mother and child. This breast pump retails at about $29.


•    It is easy to control
•    BPA-free
•    It produces more milk in less time.
•    It comes with a handle which is Soft-touch and has ergonomic swivel
•    It comes with a bottle stand to prevent spillage
•    It is available in different sizes of the breast shield


•    The handle falls off
•    Makes the hand tired
•    Weak Suction

3. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Portable Electric Breast Pump

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Rated as one of the best breast pumps, Signature Pro by Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump is electrically controlled. It is used in hospitals and is customizable to maximize milk production and comfort. It has three pumping styles and eight suction levels to match babies’ feeding patterns. Maximum hygienic observation has been observed, and it is designed to allow you to pump directly into the milk bags.

Its system is hygienically closed to ensure that no milk spills into the motor or tubing to prevent mold and bacteria buildup. This breast pump includes breast cups which have soft rims and baby bottles for easy pumping, storage, and feeding. It is easy to carry in a diaper bag, and you can use it with breastfeeding bras. Retailing at about $82, this breast pump also comes with a one-year warranty on the pump motor and a 90- day warranty on parts.


•    It is a high-quality brand
•    Convenient and hygienic
•    Trusted for more than 30 years
•    Comes with adjustable suction levels
•    It is comfortable to use
•    It is BPA-free making safe for both mother and baby


•    It doesn’t run long on batteries
•    The portability is not convenient
•    Increasingly weaker suction power with use

4. BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

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Rated as one of the best breast pumps, BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is an award-winning breast pump with an Independent Dual Control (IDC). The IDC technology helps you to control right and left pumps independently.

It is a powerful breast pump which provides up to 250mmhg with no reduction on the suction power. It is clean and safe for both mother and baby due to its closed system, anti-flow design, and free from BPA. It is light, portable, and offers quiet expressing, making it an excellent choice to use on-the-go. It is sold at around $130 and comes with a one-year limited warranty.


•    Easy to clean
•    FDA approved
•    Effective and powerful
•    A safe Anti-flow design
•    Light and portable
•    Phthalate and BPA free


•    Not durable
•    Few bottles
•    Suction power reduces with reduced milk flow

5. Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

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This is one of the best-selling and award-winning breast pumps recommended by lactation consultants, doulas, and lactating moms. It is made of 100% food-grade silicone material, which is PBA, PVC, and Phthalate free. Perfect for using anywhere, the Haakaa breast pump has a patented design which helps you to express your milk discreetly. It is easy to use, clean, and dishwasher safe. It collects milk let down from the inactive breast. It retails at around $18.


•    It is PBA, PVC and Phthalate free making it quite safe
•    Easy to use and clean
•    It can be cleaned with a dishwasher
•    Very affordable
•    Portable and lightweight


•    Few authorized retailers
•    A small base which is easy to tip over
•    Easy to spill the milk from the opening of the breast pump
•    It can lose suction if moved too much

6. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

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This is one of the best, hospital-grade breast pumps which comes with a wide-neck bottle, Spectra Duckbill Valve, Detachable Power Cord Prong, and Spectra Backflow Protector.  It is powerful and silent. It has a closed pumping system which keeps tubing dry by not allowing airflow between the expressed milk and pumping tubing. This protects breast milk and the baby from molds, bacteria, and viruses. The S2’s completely adjustable suction enables each mother to customize her pump’s settings according to her body. It sold at around $199 and comes with a two-year warranty.


•    Moms and registered nurses own it
•    BPA and DEHP free
•    Powerful and silent
•    Uses the latest innovation for maximum comfort and efficiency
•    Closed system for high hygiene


•    It is made of a weak material which fails easily

7. Freemie Freedom Hands-Free Double Electric Breast Pump

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The key features of this breast pump include a set of patented Freemie hands-free and concealable collection cups which are compatible with most electric pumps. The cups fit inside your regular nursing bra, under your clothes so that you can pump anytime and anywhere. It is the only electric breast pump which allows you to pump with your clothes on, making one of the best pumps we have. It offers a connection for either double or single pumping. Freemie Freedom Hands-Free Double Electric Breast Pumphas an extra filter and an additional duckbill valve. It is sold at around $142.


•    It offers a quite pumping
•    You can pump anywhere and anytime
•    A strong suction


•    The milk flows back into the tubes at times
•    It must be powered at all times since you can’t use battery power

8. Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

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The Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump has a unique design which offers a comfortable pumping position. You can choose from 3 expression settings, that is, low, medium, and high. It comes with a soft, warm textured stimulation massage cushion, to stimulate milk flow. Its compact, lightweight design allows for ease of use and transport. It is sold at around $150 and comes with a 24-months warranty.


•    A compact design which is lightweight for ease of use and transport
•    A soft, warm stimulation massage cushion
•    Three expression settings to choose from


•    Weak suction power
•    The motor goes off often
•    It hurts the nipple

9. Medela Symphony Breast Pump

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Made specifically to support mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey, the Medela Symphony Breast Pump comes with unique overflow protection and a quiet pumping. It is developed to initiate, build, and maintain a constant milk supply. It is a hospital-grade pump with innovative design which protects overflow.

This breast pump uses a 2-Phase Expression Technology for faster milk flow at Maximum Comfort Vacuum, which makes it efficient and comfortable. It contains two separate and independent membrane units for easy switching between single and double pumping. It is sold at around $2000 and comes with a three-year warranty.


•    Its performance has been proven
•    It is a hospital-grade breast pump
•    It comes with an overflow protection
•    Efficient, quiet and comfortable
•    Used for both single and double pumping


•    Easily damaged
•    No battery capability
•    It is quite pricey
•    The customer care is unreliable once it breaks and you need help

10. Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding Pumps

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This is a pain-free breast pump which has a strong suction power and a sensitive power touch panel which is easy to operate. It is made from 100% Food Grade Silicone material making it very safe. It comes with a soft, warm stimulation massage cushion to help in stimulating the milk flow.

Its unique design offers a comfortable, pumping position. The Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding Pump is compact and lightweight for ease of use and transport. It is fitted with milk storage bag adapters, which allow you to express the milk directly into the storage bags. It retails at around $1000 and comes with a two-year warranty.


•    It is lightweight and compact
•    Portable and non-breakable
•    Vacuum packaging inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold


•    Weak suction power
•    It is pricey
•    Easily breakable

The key factors we considered in choosing the best Breast Pump

A breast pump is a useful tool to use to provide breastmilk to a baby without hindering the mother from undertaking other important activities like going to work. The breast pump that you use will determine the amount of milk that you get and the ease with which you get it. Consider the following fundamental factors when choosing a breast pump to attain the best milk flow.


Comfort when using the breast pump is very crucial as it will determine the amount of stimulation that a mother will get, which will lead to a higher supply of milk. Ensure that the breast pump that you choose fits well around the breast and nipples to avoid unnecessary pain. The suctioning of the breast pump can cause friction with the plastic, which can cause an infection to the nipple. The breast pumps come in a variety of sizes so choose flange sizes which comfortably fits your breasts.

Purpose and frequency of use

Depending on the frequency of use and its purpose, you can decide to use either a manual or an electric breast pump. A manual breast pump is effective if the mother has a well-established milk supply, she’s staying with the baby, and the baby needs fewer bottle feeds. An electric breast pump will be handy if the mother’s milk supply is low, the mother is away from the baby for the better part of the day, and if the mother wants to pump quickly and easily.

Suction power

The breast pump works by suctioning milk from the mother’s breasts so the suction power should be high for it to work effectively. The right breast pump should produce the highest amount of milk in the least amount of time. This is determined by the speed and the suction strength of the pump.

Ease of use

For more comfortable pumping, choose a breast pump which is easy to assemble and operate and produces the least noise. Choose one with fewer parts to clean and light in weight.


Hygiene is one of the significant factors to consider when buying a breast pump. Choose a breast pump with a closed system since it creates a barrier between the motor and the collection kit. The closed system locks out the outside air and keeps from contaminating the expressed milk. In contrast, the open system breast pumps do not form a barrier between the collection kit and the motor, which exposes the expressed milk to contamination. The milk can spill on to the tubing and cause molds to grow on the motor hence contaminating it.


Depending on the frequency of its use, a breast pump can last for years or just a few months. The strength of the breast pump’s motor is a very crucial factor to consider. If you are a frequent user of the breast pump, buy a motor which is very strong to preserve the pump’s lifespan. To ensure good quality and support, put into consideration the warranty period covered, and only buy original breast pumps.


Electric pumps are more expensive compared to manual pumps, but they give you more milk within a short time and less effort. A manual pump is cheaper and needs no electricity or batteries to power it, so it is easier to use them anywhere discreetly. However, you need to have plenty of time to spare.

The Verdict

Getting the best breast pump for your milk expression is a necessity. In this review, we focused on establishing the best breast pumps to make it easy for you to make the right choice. We based our research on the features, pros, and cons. Spectra Baby – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump emerged the best. It comes with a closed pumping system for safe and clean milk, powerful and silent, and uses the latest innovation.

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