7 Reasons Guys Can’t Get Rid of Their Skinny Legs

Skipping leg day is something we should never do, but some guys can do their leg day routine and still not see the results they’re looking for. For all of you guys that can’t seem to make a difference on leg day, here are a few reasons why and tips.

1. Our everyday exercise routine

Consistency exercising is vital for us when exercising, but doing the exact same routine can limit us and our growth. We need to change things up more often the longer we’ve been training. While it’s important for us to change things in our exercise routine selection, it’s not all about the selection, it’s just as important to change up our rep scheme.

2. You haven’t built up strength yet

While there is a possibility of bad genes attributing to your skinny legs, it probably has more to do with your leg strength. If you can deadlift two and a half times your bodyweight and squat twice your body weight, you should have your strength built up. If you can’t so the squats and deadlift then it’s time to focus on strength, not size. If you haven’t added some muscle by then (and you will), then it’s time to diversify your strategies.

3. Lack of volume training

Going at it big and heavy has a time and a place, but it’s important for us to remember that the time and place aren’t always and everywhere. If your goal is size, break free of the thought that big and heavy is the way to go. It’s important to switch it up, you should be trying to go for high volume and low weight. Take a week to rest up, then you try for heavy with a lower volume. You should keep cycling through them, you’ll always be either building strength or volume, and you’ll be challenging your body and your nervous system.

4. You’re too Complicated

Changing up your routine is important, that’s true, but it’s important to remember to keep two things constant in your routine: the deadlifts and squats.

The most important part of any leg workout is a variation of squats and deadlifts. Doing different varieties of squats and deadlifts correctly is the best way to get bigger. New equipment is one way to get some variety in your workout, but your body will grow accustomed to it, after that happens it won’t help you anymore.

5. The wrong cardio

Making sure you get enough cardio to take the stairs without having problems is normal, but if you’re looking to gain size make sure you go about it correctly. Running marathons may not help as much as you think.

When your focus is to build size you need to make sure you focus on strength training and not on cardio. You get catabolic when you go hard on cardio and it starts to break down your muscles rather than strengthen them. If you’re wanting to get leaner while you build muscle, you should be doing catabolic conditioning with circuit style workouts with short intervals, it’ll help you burn fat while keeping your muscle.

6. You need to up your carb intake

The word carbs are usually not welcome around the gym. Anyone aiming to get as lean as possible and get rid of extra weight should avoid carbs, but if you’re looking to get strength and size, carbs are a crucial friend.

Carbs can help you recover from workouts more quickly and they help you to perform at a higher level. You’ll put on some fat and muscle, and it’s necessary in order to grow.

7. You need to put your muscles under tension longer

Focusing on your rep counts can be the wrong way to go about your workout when you’re trying to build size and strength in your calves. Twenty seconds is the normal time frame it takes for you to build tension to get strength. So it’s really a time-under-tension question.

So on leg day, you need to remember to do your squats and deadlifts, but you also need to remember to change it up with different variations. Don’t focus too hard on cardio and carbs are definitely a friend of yours.