The Best 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software for You

The information that we store on our smartphones contains a lot of important things – messages, photos, videos, and a lot of other things that mean something to us. It’s not always possible to place a monetary value on these things, but they’re often very important nonetheless. As such, you probably want to ensure that it’s protected in case of unforeseen circumstances. This could be from any one of a myriad of reasons, but regardless of whether your phone just decides to reset itself inexplicably or whether it’s stolen, you won’t regret being able to recover everything.

Loosing all of your phone data because you’ve never backed up your iPhone is always a headache, so it’s always important to choose the best iPhone data recovery software to avoid this. Your iPhone does back itself up when things are set up right, but it’s not always possible to recover everything this way. Sometimes you can actually salvage your data, and your chances of being successful with this are greatly increased by using a data recovery program. Sometimes a file can disappear but can be retrieved if it’s not been overwritten by your phone yet. Of course there are times when none of this works and you won’t be able to recover your data, but you shouldn’t resign yourself to such scenarios being an eventuality.

So if you decide to go with an iPhone data recovery program – which you will probably find useful – then there’s the question of which to choose. The choice depends on a number of things like which model of iPhone you use, what data you wish to protect, and your own personal preferences.


This program is one of the best software solutions for your phone recovery needs, and on top of that it does so much more. Some people love dr.fone because they find it works even better for them than doing the same things through iTunes, and because it does so much more on top of that. allows you to transfer and manage your photos across your devices, and you can export and import as well as sync all of your contacts across devices. You might well say that you could do all of these things through iTunes – which is true – but dr.fone makes that a lot simpler to do all in one go. However, also offers the significant advantages of being able to get access to everything on your device while in disk mode and you can store all of the directories on your computer. This software also helps with managing your app data more efficiently, which means using less storage on your phone and less wastage of mobile data. With a 7-day free trial, there’s no need to worry about your purchase, but with a user-friendly interface you’ll probably want to keep it.


If you use both Android and iOS devices and want an app to cover both at once, Syncios could be a very good choice. You can sync files to your computer as well as to other mobile devices, and this is a very good choice if you’re still using an older-model iPhone because it supports
even the older models like the iPhone 4S as well as newer devices. Syncios also allows you to copy your files to iTunes from the program itself. What’s nice about Syncios is that it also works with Android devices, though it’s still kind of wanting in that it won’t give you an easy way to find files that have seemingly disappeared. Essentially, this app is good if you just want one program to cover all of your syncing needs but don’t care about a bunch of other features and don’t use an iPhone 8 or X.


Billed as being more than just another alternative to iTunes, FoneTrans is the perfect way to sync and transfer your files, photos, contacts, and voice memos across all of your devices. You can transfer pretty much anything between devices, and this is the best choice for a simple, one-stop solution for that.


If you want to transfer all of your files between devices and have a user-friendly interface to do it, FonePaw is the way to go. It’s just the best way to manage your files, hands down, because it include things like books and your SMSs as well, which is always important. A lot of customers absolutely love FonePaw because it makes all of this work so much simpler.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

If you want an application for syncing your iPhone and happen to have an iPhone X, it’s not so simple to find an application that can support your device. Xilisoft’s iPhone Transfer supports the latest software as well as older versions and devices going back to the iPhone 3G, so this is a good option no matter what iOS device you happen to be using. Xilisoft’s program is an excellent way to synchronise everything with ease, and if you have any doubts it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

Obviously you have a lot of options out there for backing up your iPhone, which can make finding the right software a bit confusing if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. stands out from the crowd for its ability to search for files deep inside your phone that might have otherwise been lost, but all five of the products mentioned here will help you to synchronise and back up all of the things on your phone that matter to you.

The Time of the IPhone X

As the years pass by, technology begins to drastically advance. In the beginning black berry phones were at the top of the charts until multiple different versions of android smartphones were created. Androids were very popular because they allowed you to be able to touch the screen of your phone and have it do more than 10 times the things that you could have ever done with a black berry.

The Time of the android came almost as quickly as it left, however. When Steve Jobs and his team brought about the creation of the first IPhone generation, in 2007, it was the start of a completely new era. Today, there are a total of 18 different versions of the IPhone and the most recent one is known as the IPhone 8 or X.

Below is a list of differences that you will encounter when first viewing an IPhone 8:

  1. Design
  2. Camera
  3. Internal Specs
  4. Battery life
  5. Features

When first coming into contact with this version you will hardly be able to tell the difference in it and the IPhone 7. The thing that makes this newer model so unique however, is what lies inside its hardrive. It contains a new All Bionic processor that makes it a major improvement from any type of phone that we’ve ever seen before.

This new processsor is showing extravagant results on many tests that are being performed on it. The efficiency and performance cores within, show that the processor has an remarkable advantage over the rest of Apples IPhones. This incredible feature is what makes this IPhone stand out from all of the previous versions. That and the fact that it has a beautiful water resistant all glass casing to protect it.

Since glass has always been known to be alot less durable than plastic, it creates a slight discrepancy for the IPhone 8. It has also created a questionable perspective towards the entire Apple Inc. However, this casing has been proven to be the most durable cover ever created for a smartphone. To prove this as a fact, the author of a website called Toms Guide tested this theory.

He did this by performing a drop test on the Iphone. He dropped the phone 6 feet above a surface and saw that there was no damage done to it, whatsoever. But, on the other hand, when he allowed the phone to crash into complete concrete it suffered a couple of minor cracks. Therefore, the outcome of his experiment determined that the phone is not entirely impenetrable but the casing is alot stronger than any previous IPhone created.

Something else that causes this newer version of IPhone to be so spectaculst is the fact that it has one of the best battery performers. The author of Tom’s Guide tested this theory as well because he wanted to see just how accurate it was.

The author allowed the phone to run continuously to see how long it took for the battery to die and it stayed on for a total of 9 hours and 54 minutes, before losing all of its charge. This was atleast one hour longer than the IPhone 7. And that alone, is incredible considering the fact that the IPhone 8 has a battery that is significantly smaller in size. This led Tom’s Guide to determine that this theory was, in fact, 100% true.

The last feature that I believe dramatically separates this phone from any phone ever created by Apple, is the sheer fact that it contains a wireless charger. That’s right! There is no more losing your charger with the Iphone 8 because it already has one built into the battery.