Workers On The Go Need Encryption Solutions In Their Everyday Life

People every day have taken their work with them outside of their offices. They are now more mobile than ever thanks to newer technology in the palm of their hands.

Laptops, tablets and other mobile devices have freed people from the confines of an office space to do their work from. In a survey that was taken in 2014 by Forrester’s Business Technographic Global Telecom And Mobility Workforce Survey, it was shown that more than 52% of people included in the workforce have started to do their jobs more outside of the workplace because they feel like they can get more work done when they take it with them while on the go.

Since this is the new norm in the workforce it has given employees more freedom than ever before because they can take their work with them wherever they want to. This saves employers lots of money because now they don’t have to pay for their employees’ extra office hours to finish up important jobs that need to be finished.

With these advancements also comes more security risks and more companies have had to take major steps to prevent cyber attacks on their businesses while also continuing to allow their employees to have the freedom to do their jobs outside of the office environment. These steps are usually in the way of special protocols that their employees have to follow so that they can still do their jobs safely and effectively.

One way companies have been able to allow workers to continue their work outside of the office is by encrypting their company mobile devices which help to keep all work-related information on the computer or any other mobile device completely safe.

Some of the major reasons employers have started using these measures to keep work-related information safe is because of the risks involved when their employees take the work outside of the office and into the free world, including connecting to unsecured networks, the possibility of their devices being stolen or broken as well as hard drive failures and other things that can and will go wrong at any point in time.

Work-related devices can cost businesses a huge amount of money if any doomsday scenario happens. Hackers and thieves can gain access to all of the information on the devices and most companies can’t afford to ever have this happen.

Full Disk Encryption

There are many different encryption methods businesses can use to keep information on their employees’ devices safer. One of these methods is Full Disk Encryption which will encrypt the entire hard drive the information is on, including the Operating System and everything else on the drive. Using this method will require that the employee has a password that they can use to log on to the computer or mobile device before they can even use it. If you are using Apple or Microsoft Operating Systems then you already have this method built into the computer which makes things a lot easier for any company wanting to encrypt their data this way.

Folder Encryption

Another method that people like to use is folder encryption which allows any user to protect a file or folder specifically. With this type of encryption you won’t have your whole Operating System on lockdown which can make things a lot easier on you should any accidents or hard drive failures occur. Decrypting a folder is a lot more hassle free should anything damaging happen to the hard drive and you have a worst case scenario on your hands.

Removable Storage Encryption

This method of encryption has started to become more popular with people since the prices of hard drives continue to drop every day. There are some companies that won’t allow removable drives for work-related information, but for the ones that will, this can be a more viable solution compared to other methods of encryption.

Each of these encryption methods is a great way to keep your work-related mobile devices safe should the worst ever happen to them and this helps employers feel better about letting their employees be able to take their work with them on the go while the employees can have the freedom to get more done while not being tied down to the office environment.

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